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Modeshift STARS National Awards Nominee – Brookfield Junior Academy – Rotherham

Behaviour Change seen at the school 

The percentage of pupils travelling to school by car has reduced massively from over 41% to less than 10% between 2017/18 and 2018/19. This has been brought about by a steady increase in the percentages of pupils travelling actively to school. Walking to school has increased from just under 51% to nearly 60%; cycling from less than 1% to over 5%, scooting from 0.4% to over 12% and park and stride has increased from 0.4% to over 12%. 

Top 3 Achievements 

  1. The school have a highly effective working group that have been instrumental in meeting all outcomes of Gold level accredited after just two years of engagement. Led by a highly organised STARS champion the working group involves school staff, pupils, governors, local councillors and visitors from other schools. The group meet regularly to discuss, plan and review initiatives supporting STARS. The shear breadth of initiatives that they have delivered and the massive modal shift away from cars that they have achieved, demonstrates just how much can be achieved where there is the will and determination to do so.   
  1. The school have worked effectively with local councillors to improve road safety through pupil-led campaigns and infrastructure alterations including: 
  • Installing flashing 20mph road signs in operation during school times 
  • Extending yellow zig-zag markings outside school  
  • Installing ‘cartoon’ bollards reminding parents to park responsibly 
  • Installing an electric gate to prevent parents from parking in the staff car park  
  • Painting I-bars to reduce parking on resident driveways  

Staff and pupil traffic monitoring shows a reduction in traffic outside school and improved road safety as a result.  

  1. Car travel has reduced from over 41% to less than 10% between 2017 and 2019 thanks to the school’s pro-active, can-do approach. 

Why the local authority has nominated this school 

The school takes advantage of every opportunity available to them and responds to challenges through their own innovative ideas. They seek support from a huge variety of stakeholders, building positive relations with local residents, community leaders and businesses. Working collaboratively as a team throughout the whole school year, they strive to increase the number of pupils cycling, scooting and walking to school and in a way that all other schools should aspire to do so.  

The school have completed dozens of initiatives and some of their key successes include:   

  • Completing the Schools Yorkshire Tour and scooping the best photo award at the celebration event 
  • Involving dozens of pupils and parents in themed walk to school events 
  • Seeking support from local councillors to install road safety infrastructure 
  • Promoting active travel at their summer fayre with support from their local MP 
  • Featuring in local press articles  
  • Promoting the wheel to school passport scheme and developing their own inclusive ‘Golden Boot’ walk to school reward scheme  
  • Working with Walk Rotherham to promote active lifestyle choices 

Active travel is now an integral part of school life. Pupils regularly walk, cycle and scoot to school throughout the whole school year. They are able to articulate the difference active travel makes and why it is so important.  

The Modeshift STARS National Awards will be taking place in the spring of 2020. If you would like more information regarding the National Awards contact us for more information or speak to your participating local authority through our contact page by clicking here.