STARS Spotlight – Kings’ School, Hampshire

Find out how this school became nominated for the National STARS Awards.

Behaviour Change Seen at the School

Reduction in idling buses waiting at the beginning and end of the school day. Creation of a drop and stride location map, which has lead to an increase in students walking part of the way to school. Proactively seeking solutions to bus cuts. Greater promotion of cycling and a cycle club being set up.

Top 3 Achievements

1.Winners of a Clean Air Logo competition

2.Increased numbers of pupils parking and striding

3.More students starting to cycle to school and a bike club set up in school

Why the local authority has nominated this school

It has been a pleasure working with King’s School, they have proactively participated in the air quality monitoring across the city of Winchester and have ensured all the waiting school buses turn off their engines! To cut the number of cars driving all the way to school, suggested drop and stride sites were identified and a map promoted to parents and students. When the decision was made to cut out of catchment buses, the school actively engaged with the travel planning team and local councillors, promoted public transport that could be used to get to school and have been negotiating with the local council regarding use of car parks.