Modeshift STARS Annual Education Report 2022/23

Modeshift STARS Annual Education Report 2022/23

The Modeshift STARS Education scheme has had its most successful year since the inception of the programme in 2008. In this report we will present the results of the Modeshift STARS programme for the 2022/23 accreditation year which runs from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023, including delivery across local authorities, schools and businesses.

Over two thirds of local authorities in England (excluding London boroughs and district councils), have participated in the Modeshift STARS Education scheme in 2022/23 with a total of 81 local authorities out of 118. A further 77 organisations were signed up to operating the STARS Business scheme, including 40 local authorities, 34 Corporate organisations, and 3 transport consultancies.

1,096 STARS (Education, Business, & Residential) accreditation applications were approved between September 2022 and August 2023. As a result, 1,895 schools, businesses, and residential sites held a level of STARS accreditation on 1 September 2023. Across these sites a total of 1.68m individuals (pupils and employees, excluding parents/guardians) are directly impacted by Modeshift STARS School and Workplace Travel Plans.

The modal shift results for our top schools, i.e. those that have achieve the ‘Very Good Travel Plan’ level of accreditation and above are quite remarkable. On average, schools accredited at this level in the 2022/23 accreditation year have seen their ‘Green’ (walk/cycle/scoot) modes of travel increase from 57.88% to 59.83%, a modal shift to ‘Green’ modes of 3.4%.

During 2022/23, 10,767 separate ‘travel’ and ‘supporting’ initiatives were recorded by schools in the STARS system with over 1.96-million participants taking part in those initiatives.

You can browse the report here: Modeshift STARS Education 2022_23 Annual Report (1.08 MB)

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