Modeshift STARS System Upgrades are Live!

We are delighted to announce that the Modeshift STARS System Upgrades are complete! The system is now live following the upgrades.

These upgrades see the STARS Education, STARS Business and STARS Community accreditation schemes all combined in one single platform, which provides a seamless user experience between all of our Travel Plans and accreditation schemes.

STARS Education Users

Note that these upgrades have not impacted the way you access and use the STARS Education system which remains unchanged. You’ll just find a few handy new features when you login back into STARS.

STARS Business Users

Now the system is live, you will have received an email asking you to login to the system. Things will look a little different so look out for the ‘Guidance’ tab which includes guides on how to use the new system. 

We appreciate that this may raise a few questions for a few of you so please use the STARS Contact Us form, or contact your local authority directly if you have any questions. 
This is an exciting time for Modeshift STARS and we look forward to working with you in the coming weeks, months and years!


The Modeshift STARS Team