9 sites take the “Next” steps to sustainable and active travel

Next Plc have been successful in achieving Modeshift STARS Business Accreditation at nine additional locations across England.  All nine sites were awarded STARS Business Bronze accreditation in recognition for their work in promoting sustainable and active travel to the workforce.

Sites in Fosse Park, High Cross, Thurmaston, Loughborough, Birmingham, Solihull and Luton showed reductions in single occupancy car use and increases in sustainable and active modes of travel. Next Plc has seen more people walking and using public transport to get to and from work during the Pandemic.

Effective Travel Plans are vital for a healthier, greener, and safer future, as they promote and enable more sustainable and active modes of travel. Modeshift work with thousands of business, education and community settings across the UK to improve Travel Plan standards, share best practice and award Modeshift STARS accreditation. Modeshift STARS empowers organisations by providing a centre of excellence for developing, delivering and monitoring effective Travel Plans. 

Nick Butler, Modeshift STARS Accreditation Manager said “Next Plc was the first organisation to achieve a Gold STARS Business Accreditation in 2017 when the scheme launched. To see so many sites now achieving accreditation across the country speaks volumes for their commitment to supporting better air quality, easing congestion and providing more opportunities to be physically active for their employees. By achieving STARS Business Bronze accreditation they are showing their corporate commitment to effective travel planning and actively engaging their workforce in the promotion of sustainable and active travel.”

Communications played a key part in supporting sustainable travel adoption. “We have developed a dedicated area to display travel information within the stores we are working with and we have been providing our staff with information on where they can go to find help with traveling to work, through promoting the www.travel2next.co.uk website” said Sarah McAlinden, Travel2Next Facilities Coordinator