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Step out of lockdown with a Spring in your step

The latest lockdown has seen many children and young people across the UK stuck inside while the British Winter has run its course. On the 8th of March we will see most pupils across England return to school. This easing of lockdown is a great opportunity to get more people active by walking, cycling or scooting to school. 

Walking, cycling or scooting to school are the most accessible ways to reduce congestion and air pollution, while also improving the mental and physical well-being of pupils. As we emerge from the latest lockdown, the Modeshift STARS Team have their sights set on realising those benefits. That’s why we are encouraging schools across the country to step out of lockdown and into Spring by creating and promoting a STARS Walking Bubble. Our Walking Bubbles are designed to encourage everyone who get, to ‘Get Active’ on their journeys to and from school.  

#StaySafeGetActive with STARS Walking Bubbles – Supporting the return to school 

Got to drive? Park and stride! 

We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to live within walking, cycling or scooting distance of school – so why not give ‘park and stride’ a go? 

By parking five minutes away from the school gates and walking the rest of the distance, your family can still reap the benefits of an active commute while making school a safer place for all. You could even scoot from the boot – pack your child’s scooter into the boot and let them enjoy the fun of scooting the rest of the way to school. 

Get active, get entertained 

An active school journey certainly isn’t a boring one, and whether they’re travelling by bike, scooter, rollerblades or their own feet, there are plenty of ways to keep little ones entertained on the way. 

Create a wildlife checklist, play I-Spy, time your journey and compete to beat it, or find new and interesting routes – the options are endless. 

The walk to school also provides a great opportunity to spend time outdoors as a family, chatting about your days without the distraction of traffic, work, TV screens and computer games. 

So if you want to know more what do you do? 

Simple, follow these simple steps below: 

Information for schools – How to create your Walking Bubble 

We’ve made it as easy as possible for schools that are registered with STARS to create their Walking Bubble. Simply follow the steps below: 

  • Select the ‘Login’ option from the top right corner of this page 
  • When on your ‘Site’ tab, click on the ‘Perform Process’ (cogs) button and select ‘Generate Walking Bubble’ from the list of options 
  • Ensure your map is centred on your school (if not follow the on-screen instructions) 
  • Select ‘Save’ 

Your Walking Bubble map will then be created and you will receive an email with the PDF version of your map. You will also be able to download the map from the Walking Bubble tab. 

For more detailed instructions, please visit the ‘Guidance’ tab and download the ‘How to Generate Your #StaySafeGetActive Walking Bubble Map’ guide. 

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