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Inspiring Active Travel Ambassadors at Beverley Grammar school awarded funding for new cycle and scooter storage

Students at Beverley Grammar inspire support from East Riding of Yorkshire Council with the aim to encourage  cycling and scooting to school. The school are already fantastic ambassadors for sustainable travel  but strive to encourage others to join them with more active commutes to school.

The Active Travel Ambassadors (ATA’s) have been also supported by Modeshift  having joined the Active Travel Ambassador programme in 2022.  The team at the school are determined to improve active travel and create campaigns to motivate modal shift of both students and staff at the school and reduce car journeys where possible.  Given the rise in cycling to school, the ATA team decided to approach East Riding of Yorkshire Council and ask for funding to support with more cycle storage and were delighted when they received the news that this was approved.

students securing their bikes in bike shelter2 long lines of bikes parked in cycle storage

Gavin Chappell, Headteacher said:

‘Having a bike shelter is a fantastic addition to the school; our Student Council and Active Travel Ambassadors have all played a part in making this happen. We regularly have over 170 students cycling to school and we would all like to thank the East Riding Road Safety Team and Modeshift for their support.’

Chris Walker PE Teacher in charge of Student Leadership said:

‘Working with Modeshift and completing the active travel campaign has really driven forward the school getting the new bike shelter. ATA ambassadors have highlighted the concerns along with the school council of the lack of shelter for student’s bikes. Modeshift accelerated the chance for a bike shelter which will continue to support students actively traveling to school.’

The ATA team at the school have planned a campaign to keep the momentum going encourage more students to get involved and also celebrate their achievements.  This will run for a whole week from 24 June with a different activity each day.

Monday – Smoothie Bike raffle (raffle tickets drawn for cyclists to win a smoothie at break or lunch)

Tuesday – Loot lock (gold, silver & bronze locks placed on random bikes with prizes for each)

Wednesday – Helmet lucky dip (cycle to school wearing a helmet for a lucky dip prize)

Thursday – Active & sustainable travel raffle (raffle tickets for anyone not travelling in a car)

Friday – Active Travel form comp. (the most active form wins a whole form treat of either pizza party or softball party with ice lollies)

Here are some of the quotes from the amazing ATA pupils at the school:

‘Being an ATA gives the chance to raise awareness and be a part of something that helps the school for the better.’ 

‘My favourite part of the ATA programme has been working as a team and seeing successful results.’

‘We are really proud of our work helping to get this shelter and the council have been very generous.’

‘Our future plans for school are increased  consistent active travel levels amongst pupils.’

‘I’m really looking forward to our “Loot Lock” campaign day, just seeing a pupil realise they’ve got a golden lock on their bike and knowing they’ve won a prize will be amazing.’

Steve Wigley – Principal Officer Road Safety (Sustainable Transport) at EROY said:

‘East Riding of Yorkshire Councils Sustainable Transport team, strive to support all our schools to improve their cycle and scooter storage infrastructure which in turn helps improve and encourage active travel to and from school. Our secondary schools signing up to ATA and completing the programme in addition to working in partnership with ERYC is seen as a commitment that we recognise, we offer a range of resources to complement the programme one of which can be cycle storage. We look to allocate some of our capital funding for this and if a school can prove a need for it we can help. We are really pleased we have been able to support Beverley Grammar this year who have match funded.’

Christian Jordan – Assistant Road Safety Officer at EROY said:

‘I’m in regular contact with Jason (Modeshift ATA Coordinator). He informed me of the Grammar schools campaign plan to giveaway cycle seat covers to pupils cycling to school. They had identified a problem through their ATA research and this was a temporary solution given their budget. We thought why not give them a permanent solution and the school have worked really hard to make this happen showing great commitment to active travel.’

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